Cued English Skills Training

Expressive Skills Workshops

Cued American English Mechanics I: Intensive

An overview of the essential elements of clear and accurate cued English. Topics include: form, consonant and vowel accuracy, connected discourse, flicks, and prosody. Students learn how to prioritize errors based on impact to meaning, clarity, and standardized test measures.

Skill Level: Students are expected to have already completed an introductory cued English course. This course does not introduce students to the handshapes and placements of the Cued Speech system.

Cued American English Mechanics II: Worksession

In this course, students work on applying the concepts covered in Mechanics I: Intensive. Practice activities cover a broad range of topics while allowing individuals time to select specific skills to customize their training. Prosodic features of cued English (such as rhythm, in- tensity, prominence, mood, and inflection) are explored in detail.

Skill Level: Students are recommended to have completed Mechanics I: Intensive.

Cued American English Mechanics III: Self-Assessment

The objective of this course is to provide students with a clear and accurate view of their current cueing ability. Each student prepares a videotaped cueing sample, then privately views and assesses the material focusing on specific skills. Students learn techniques for both qualitative and quantitative analysis.

Skill Level: Students are recommended to have attended Mechanics I and II. 

Cued American English Mechanics IV: Consultation

A variety of expressive cueing tests are conducted by the instructor and fellow students. Activities aim to make students immune to the anxiety that accompanies assessment. This course is ideal for people who need to overcome test anxiety. Strategies to boost performance on CAECS-E are covered. Students work with the instructor to construct a profile of their current cueing abilities and determine readiness for testing. Each participant creates an individualized plan for passing the CAECS-E.

Skill Level: Students are recommended to have attended the previous courses in the Mechanics series.