Transliterator Training

The Cued Language Transliterator Professional Education Series (CLTPES) is a one-of-a-kind series of courses. Participants learn:

  • cueing mechanics and accuracy
  • role and function
  • how to convey accents and dialects
  • professional ethical behavior
  • logistics
  • cue reading and voicing skills
  • how to cue environmental sounds
  • organizing and prioritizing information [read more…]



Educational Interpreting Defined (EID)

CLT Skills Development

CLT Skills Development I
CLT Skills Development II
CLT Skills Development III
CLT Skills Development IV: Transphonation
CLT Skills Development IV: Receptive
CLT Skills Development IV: AES & Information Chunking
CLT Skills Development V: Transphonation
CLT Skills Development V: Silent Workshop
CLT Skills Development V: Cued Interaction


CLT Mock Evaluation and Self Assessment I
CLT Self Assessment II: Spoken to Cued
CLT Self Assessment II: Cued to Spoken

Professional Ethics

CLT Ethical Decision Making I
CLT Ethical Decision Making II

Your Instructors

Our instructors are practioner-educators. We practice what we teach! We have the most experienced and credentialed transliterator educators in the country. Our instructors are either nationally certified transliterators or deaf native cuers who’ve been consumers of transliteration services. All possess specialized teacher training to present the knowledge and skills transliterators need to do their job effectively.